Our Team

Louis C. Ciraldo


Louie Ciraldo serves as the Controller for Summit Construction; a role he has taken on since 2016. For the past six years, Louis had been the Director of Marketing for Summit being responsible for coordinating and managing all marketing efforts that the company endeavors. Louis’ career with Summit Construction has spanned over a decade, allowing him to excel in communication with clients, vendors, subcontractors and consultants. His passion for client service is evident by Summit’s strong reputation in Ohio.

Like his father, Lou Ciraldo, Louis’ favorite project he has experienced over the years has been working on the Canal Park Stadium in Akron, Ohio. When he is not on the job, Louis enjoys spending time with his family and his dog, Enzo. Not many may know but Louis is also an avid fan of any type of "kids" cereals. Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, you name it; if it has a cartoon character on the box, odds are you will find it in his cupboard.

Personal Stats:

  • 15 years in industry
  • 15 years with Summit
  • The University of Akron, BA in Business and Organizational Communication, Minor in Marketing, Akron, Ohio