Fall Safety Lunch & Learn – Job Hazard Analysis

Sep 02, 2020

Akron, Ohio 

Summit Construction's virtual fall safety Lunch & Learn Job Hazard Analysis was led by Safety Resources.

Job Hazard Analysis Topics:

  • Working with Chemicals: Is the material toxic? What PPE is required (Check the MSDS)
  • Respiratory Protection: What type of respirator? Correct cartridge? Have employees been fit tested for this type of respirator?
  • Hazardous Waste: Are approved containers available? Are the containers properly labeled? Emergency contact posted for accidental releases ain/or spills?
  • Confined Space: Permit posted? Respiratory protection needed? Air monitor recently calibrated? Emergency retrieval devices needed?
  • Grinding/Chipping: All combustibles, flammables removed? PPE?
  • Work in elevated areas: Safety harness required? Ladder secured? Safety net needed?
  • Working below grade level: Barricade tape? Information tags? PPE? Shoring?
  • Hot Work: Permit required? Fire Watch required? Fire extinguisher available? Flash shields needed? 

Additional Discussion 

  • Benefits of performing job hazard analysis
  • Determining which jobs to perform JHA
  • Identifying JHA