Chillicothe Schools' Project Update 10.4.17

Oct 04, 2017

K-2 Update:

Over the past few months, we have seen numerous changes to the project including the completion of all foundation work for the site. Last month, we completed the steel for the lower level of the student classroom wing. We have poured the slab on deck and laying block for the bearing walls of the 3rd floor joist. Currently, we are setting steel in the administration wing of the school and installing the storm system along with the water distribution into the building.

We anticipate the structural steel to begin later this month in addition to having the carpenters layout and start framing walls for the first section of the school building.

3-6 Update:

At the 3-6, we have completed all foundation work for the building. Furthermore, the exterior bearing walls of the classroom and adminstration areas are complete and all underground utilities in these areas are finished as well. We are currently constructing the bearing walls in the Gym/Dining area for the school. MEPs (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) are being coordinated with the masonry contractor for the MEP contractor’s in-wall rough-in. We have graded and installed the stone subbase of the West parking lot, and will begin the paving of the lot next week.

Within in the next month, we are going to be setting the structural steel of the classroom and adminstration areas. While this steel is being set, the preparation for the slab in the kitchen area will be commencing. Once decking is complete, we will be prepping and pouring the slab on deck for those areas. Upon completion of this work, the layout and installation of metal stud framing of the classroom and adminstration areas by the carpenters will be installed. Finally, there will be some site work completed in the coming months which include the storm drainage systems, and the installation of domestic water for the building.