At Summit Construction, we’re committed to a culture where safety comes first.  With over 100 years of combined business expertise, Summit Construction understands its obligation to create and maintain the best safety program possible.  Whether the project setting is suburban, rural or urban, we have experience implementing the proper procedures safely and effectively. We have systematically created protocols for any environment, by applying the vast knowledge of our trained professionals.

We believe

  1. All accidents and injuries can be prevented
  2. Management and supervisory personnel are responsible, and will be held accountable, for preventing injuries and occupational illnesses
  3. Occupational Safety and Health is part of every employee’s total job performance
  4. Working safely is a condition of employment
  5. Workplace hazards can be safeguarded
  6. Training employees to work safely is essential and is the responsibility of management/supervision

Safety Program Foundation and Common Practices

Drug free safety program and workplace

Authorized safety orientation and training upon hire

Designated safety manager in Akron and Columbus offices

Constant access of referment to safety manuals and guidance of safety manager(s)

Utilization of Safety Meeting application to constantly refresh safety knowledge based on weekly activities

Mandatory OSHA 30 certification for any employee in supervisory or managerial position

Acquirement of First Aid, CPR certification (all employees)

Execution of preconstruction site safety assessments before the start of each job

Development of safety and site utilization plans tailored to job specific safety hazards

Implementation of standard safety operating procedures with the goal of zero accidents

Familiarization, experience and competence in compliance with federal, state and local regulations

Acquirement of both general and unique safety knowledge necessary for construction overseeing and management

Advising and professional documentation/guidelines by reputable third-party consultants

News in Safety

Summit Construction Wins SANEO Safety Excellence Award

“As Summit Construction’s industry footprint continues to evolve, so must our approach to safety.  Safety is a mind-set, a priority, a habit, and a culture all-in-one.  Summit Construction embraces a culture where safety is not only paramount, but also the responsibility of each and every employee.  Our goal is that every employee returns home to their family in the same condition in which they showed up for work.  We challenge and encourage our employees to make safety a priority at both work and at home.  Our employees are our greatest assets.  Therefore, Summit Construction’s goal is to provide a safe environment to protect our assets.” -Mike Mancini, P.E., Project Manager & Safety Manager