October Employee Spotlight - Meet Mike

Oct 02, 2017

For our October spotlight we are focusing on Michael Mancini! Mike is a Project Manager who has been with Summit for over a year now. What else do we know about Mike?

Main Responsibilities: Plan, budget, and oversee construction projects from estimating phase to project closeout.  I am also involved in all project correspondence between architects, owners, and contractors.

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Number of years in the industry: 8 years

School and Degree(s): The University of Dayton; Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering

Certifications: Professional Engineer (P.E.)

Favorite work Project you have been a part of with Summit: Blendon Township Westerville Road Streetscape

What are you the best at doing in your job? My organizational skills/attention to detail allow me to effectively manage subcontractors, maintain project schedule, and turnover projects on or before their completion date.

What do you like most about Summit Construction? The work/life balance is my favorite quality of Summit Construction.  The company recognizes the demands of our industry and has created a family-oriented culture that equally values life outside of work.

Favorite hobby outside of work: Sports, Camping, Tailgating

One fun fact about yourself: I am considering playing professional ping-pong in my spare time.