Lancaster General Sherman and Thomas Ewing Junior High update 10.4.19

Oct 04, 2019

Lancaster, Ohio 

Lancaster’s new junior high schools Thomas Ewing and General Sherman are progressing according to schedule.

Progress update for Lancaster Thomas Ewing:


  • Flooring in the building is 75% complete
  • Carpet in the administration wing is complete 
  • Concrete polishing and resinous floors are being finished up in the next 2 weeks
  • HVAC testing and balancing are beginning this week
  • Final coats of paint are now being applied in the academic wings    
  • Electricians are finishing up fire alarm devices
  • Communication subcontractors are pulling wire and devicing out rooms
  • Wood doors are being installed


  • All curbs and sidewalks will be finished up this week
  • Paving in the front of the school is complete and the back lot is beginning now
  • Permanent seeding surrounding the building is complete
  • The athletic fields are now being seeded and graded 
  • The athletic track is paved 
  • The athletic storage building construction has begun 

Progress update for Lancaster General Sherman: 


  • Drywall in the academic areas have begun
  • Plumbing subcontractors are installing water lines in the academic wings - insulators will follow 
  • HVAC subcontractors are finished with ductwork and hydronic piping above the ceiling - They are now working in the mechanical rooms and hooking up air handling units - insulators to follow
  • Fire protection rough-in is about 75% complete
  • Glass window installation has begun
  • Electricians are starting to pull wire 
  • Painting will begin this month 


  • Brick work is about 75% complete and brick cleaning has started
  • Curbs and sidewalks have started on the Southside of the site
  • The athletic fields have been graded and permanently seeded

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