As a growing construction company, we are always looking for talented and hardworking individuals who will bring value to our team.  Our philosophy is simple, skill is strength.  At Summit, we provide opportunities for leaders and problem solvers to bring their skills to a highly successful team. 

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Open Positions 

Project Superintendent - Akron & Columbus

Our Project Superintendents oversee the day to day operations of a commercial construction project to ensure a safe, timely and cost-effective delivery.

Job Description 

Project Estimator - Akron & Columbus 

Estimating is the first critical phase of any construction project. As a project estimator, you will exercise supervision over the entire estimating process. This position requires a high degree of professional expertise and understanding of all aspects of the construction process; complete knowledge of our company, it's personnel, systems, and relationships.

Job Description 

Project Engineer

As a project engineer, you will be responsible for providing support to the construction team. 

Job Description 

Project Manager - Akron & Columbus 

Our Project Managers plan commercial construction projects and oversee their progress to ensure a safe, timely and cost-effective delivery.

Job Description 

Lead Carpenter - Akron

The Lead Carpentry position would lead our carpentry division in all aspects of installation and coordination, along with supervise and direct other carpenters. 

Job Description 

Laborer - Akron

The Laborer position would assist our labor division in all aspects of demolition, installation, clean-up and coordination.

Job Description

Co-op: Project Engineer - Akron & Columbus 

This position will provide real-world experiences both on construction sites and in the office setting.  Co-ops will assist site project managers, superintendents and estimating staff in all aspects of the construction process.  

Job Description 

We value our clients, partners and team members.  Please contact us and connect with us on LinkedIn.

"The work/life balance is my favorite quality of Summit Construction.  The company recognizes the demands of our industry and has created a family-oriented culture that equally values life outside of work."  

-Mike Mancini, Project Manager