Student Learning

The Summit Construction Student Learning Program provides career education, hands-on learning and industry job awareness for preK - 12th grade students. 

Our Student Learning Program has become the highlight of our District Building Programs. Our team is passionate, enthusiastic, and motivated to involve students, staff and communities in their school’s project. To begin, we work with each individual district by gauging overall interest. We then craft a unique program tailored to make an impact on as many students as possible. 

Some Student Learning Program activities include:

  • Site-tours 
  • Custom career education discussions
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Co-op opportunities and mentorship

Our Student Learning Program is another way we exemplify our mission “to provide an excellent construction management experience while making a positive impact on communities.” By raising awareness about careers in the AEC industry, we shed light on possibilities for students curious where life will take them after high school. In addition to K-12 learning, our Program often leads to job opportunities for students who are hired as Co-ops. Some of these students have even worked their way up to Project Managers today. 

To learn more about our Student Learning Program, contact Megan Smith, Director of Marketing 330-376-1317.

To learn more about our School Building Program, contact Andy Rogers, Executive Director 330-376-1317.