Summit Construction Wins SANEO Safety Excellence Award

Feb 28, 2018

Summit Construction Wins SANEO Safety Excellence Award presented by the Subcontractors Association of Northeast Ohio and Safety & Health Awareness Committee

On February 22nd, Founder & Chief Estimator, Lou Ciraldo (left) and Project & Safety Manager, Nathan Booth (right) received the SANEO Safety Excellence Award at the Annual Meet the Estimator Night put on by the SANEO.

To be eligible for this award, companies had to currently employ members of either the SANEO, NARI, MCANEO, or ACHCA.

Aspirants for recognition were asked to include in their application a business letter describing what sets them apart in today’s safety culture.  The award created an opportunity to paint a picture in writing of what a company’s day to day routine looks like regarding safety, including the level of commitment, dedication of management, and the strict policies and rules prevalent in their company culture today. 

Summit Construction’s Safety Manager at the main office in Akron, Nathan Booth, was able to tell the story of how strongly Summit views and executes safety.  Booth describes the shift in leadership at Summit in recent years, which paved new pathways for the next generation of safety culture.

Booth speaks highly of his 16 years with Summit, and the pleasure he has had to witness it progressively evolve in several ways, one of the most important being safety.  He and Mike Mancini, (Columbus office Safety Manager) are both proud leaders in safety management for the rest of the Summit team, believing in and enforcing the ZERO tolerance policy, as well as remaining continuously adoptive to the most modern and up-to-date procedures industry safety research has to offer. 

Thank you for this opportunity SANEO! 

We look forward to continuing the culture of committed safety excellence here at Summit Construction now and for years to come.